to SLC Built Jeeps. We are a group of like-minded people who enjoy a stress free casual get together, trail run, or hangout.

Our motto is “Community Strong” this means a few things:

#1 we are focused on building and supporting the community, this doesn’t even mean Off-road related. If there is a community event near you that needs our support, please bring it up to an admin. We do lots of drive byes for sick kids, we support many causes and benefits.

#2 There are no STUPID questions. Even if you have to ask “What size tire I can fit on a stock Jeep?” it’s OK. We understand that not everyone is an expert. Our community is strong with knowledge.

#3 Educate, we strive to educate for proper trail etiquette, trail usage, trail maintenance and responsibilities. If there is an opportunity to teach, we are happy to help. It doesn’t matter if you have been on the trails for 30 years or 30 seconds. We are happy to help.

We also promote diversity, integrity, and anti-hate. We welcome all off-road vehicles.


Over the last few months, the admin team of SLC Built Jeeps have been busy behind the scenes. Today, we can happily announce that SLC Built Jeeps Corp has officially been declared a nonprofit business with a federal Tax ID (EIN). We are still pending 501c3 status. This is where we need your help.

Please consider donating to help the club and make it the best club in Utah!

The object of this group is simply to be able to fund itself. This means things like stickers, banners, flags, wearables etc. for our members. There are administrative costs for sure, but they are VERY minimal. Things like business cards, event tents, tables, chairs, websites, email addresses etc. all cost money, but in the end allow us to put on great events like our Best Off-road BBQ.

We would like to thank everyone in the group for helping make SLC Built Jeeps the group it is today.

2024 and beyond will have a huge impact on supporting groups like U4WDA and BRC. There will be lots of opportunities to help with Grinchfest, Ride the Brainwave, Wreaths Across America, Kruisers for Kids along with sponsored trail runs, Salt Lake Off-road Expo and more!